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This site is still in construction. It seems to function correctly with the modern navigators (as Firefox, Safari, etc.). We particularly recommend Firefox to you, which is free, safe, available in many languages and to which it is easy to add very many extensions and gadgets facilitating the navigation and even the translation of the Web pages. You may know it’s very easy to install a second navigator of your choice on your computer. It takes not more two minutes to do it and you can use it separately without any problems.

This site wishes to be:

  • A window to present the social activities, educational ideas and teachings of various national Janusz Korczak Associations all over the world, the events and the intellectual and scientific legacy of the great teacher and Defender of children and Childhood.
  • A site with resources allowing any Net surfer to discover the work of Janusz Korczak and to better understand its topicality, in connection with an approach that criticizes problems of education and pedagogy of our time. One will be able to consult there all kinds of documents in many languages, but preferably in English.
  • An experimental site: to test and develop the possibilities of participation and remote exchanges which can establish an Internet network between members of the international Korczak movement and others, in spite of the problems of languages and cultural differences.
Fruit of a narrow dialogue between Association Korczak in France (AFJK) and in The Netherlands (JKSN), it was officially presented and unanimously approved at the General meeting of international Korczak Association joined together on November 25, 2006 in Collegium Polonicum de Slubice (Poland).

Technical aspects

This site was created with software for Website development chosen for its ease of use and its reasonable price: Rapidweaver. It is maintained and developed by the AFJK which lodges it on its mutualized waiter and which is owner of the domain name “”. It represents the gracious contribution of the AFJK to the life of the Korczak movement international.


This version of the site and its current design are provisional. Another model would be studied, probably on JOOMLA or SPIP, in order to be able to serve the needs for Associations with regard to multilingualism and especially to mutualized work.