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The team of drafting
The site is developed and written by a small team of voluntary animated by Theo Cappon in Amsterdam and Bernard Lathuillère in Paris, the two persons in charge for the Editorial board of the site. Technical collaborateurs are welcome to help, and the whole of the members of the international Korczak network is solicited to bring contents and to develop the site.

Development of the contents
Korczak associations and experts of the work of Janusz Korczak, pedagogues informed and defenders of the rights of the children in capacity to bring their experiment or their testimonys, as well on the theoretical level of the philosophy of education as on that of the individual, collective practices and institutional, are cordially invited to to take part in the enrichment of the site.

To take part
You can address all kinds of documents to us: text, photographs, pictures, pdf, video, etc. It is possible to submit them in all languages, but the preferential language of the site is English. To facilitate our collaboratif work, preferentially use either the form of contact of the site, or the address following: iknews

Rules of operation
The Editorial board is free to decide to what to publish or not, in connection with the ethics of the site, but also legal obligations or technical constraints. Its appreciations and decisions could always be discussed, apart, of course, from case of the texts or images with commercial, ideological, whimsical tendency or opposite with the spirit of opening and division of knowledge in the respect of each one which animates our step.