[New] A place to share everything

You will find here the publics albums of this website, videos access in different languages, and a open forum to debate and to share texts and question with everybody involved in the Korczak’s legacy today to the Childcare and the full respect of the Children Rights.

Feel free to send your own photos, videos and materials. With Picasa and the others, like Flickr, YouTube, DailyMotion, etc., it’s easy now to upload them and to share them after, in a private or a public way as we decided to do it here. If your photos are already online, just send us a link or a invitation to share them with us!
- For any technical ask, just email to the webmaster : bernard [[at]] afjk.org
Discover the IKA Google Group (free access)
Korczakians Albums en Picasa
The Korczakian video Place (still in project)
Videos in French (to come)
Videos in Russian (still in project, to come)