Selected articles and reports

• "Teacher Education Students in Russia", Tatyana Tsyrlina, Kursk (RU)

This paper discusses the Janusz Korczak Society in Kursk, Russia, and its connection to the training of teachers and other professionals. Students at Kursk State University learn about the life and death of Janusz Korczak and dedicate their time to serve children in local hospitals, kindergartens, children’s orphanages, etc. This paper will discuss their experiences and the impact on their views of teaching.

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• The Hermitage Programme for special children (RU)

Does the Art therapy make sense? Which can be the positive effects of the art on the health of the sick and suffering children? Such was the subject of a conference bringing together professors, psychologists and doctors and the specialized personnel of famous Saint-Petersbourg’s Hermitage Museum.

The Hermitage always lent much attention to particular needs for the sick children, in particular them blind children and driving handicapped people. For five years, its team has also taken charges the reception of it of mentally handicapped person children or known as “special” within a program entitled “Our Hermitage”, practised with the same guides throughout the cycles of the visits. The humanization of the Museum is thought like a means of making it possible to the children to adapt the culture and history of their country.

The two conferences of the person in charge for the program, Larissa Yaroslavovna Shostak and of the psychologist of the Museum, T.O. Oderisheva, presenting their work will interest in particular psychologist, educators and social-workers concerned with these children and the effects of art on their health. A contribution suggested by Helena Abram in the International Korczak
newsletter n° 20.

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(Preceding publication in Galatea Newsletter n° 22, London, 2006)
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• "Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek)", report by Theo Cappon (NL)

From 22 of August till 6 of September 2006, Theo Cappon visit very active Korczak’s Friends in Kyrgyzstan. A report on an amazing Korczakian’s child house accommodating together integral handicapped children, in the middle of the Central Asia.

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• "Does Korczak have a future?", Gerard Kahn (CH)

As a reflection on the future of the Janusz Korczak Movement world-wide, this article presents some interesting points of view concerning the past and the present perception of Korczak’s ideas, but also the future of the International Korczak Movement. He asks some critical questions but at the same time he offers new challenges and new perspectives.

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• "A Pedagogy of stewardship", by Kristin Poppo (USA)

A original analysis of Korczak's legacy, his approach and his major concepts, by Ph. D. Kristin Popo from the USA, near Seattle. Congratulations to the author for her interressant contribution, helpfull in making Janusz Korczak well known.

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