Kubota L4701

Kubota L4701

The Kubota L4701 is a compact utility tractor, first manufactured by Kubota in 2014. It has proven to be very popular, and for many years has set new standards for a professional farm tractor.

If what is called a lean worker, and in reality it is a highly productive professional vehicle that can be used for demanding tasks, as well as a perfect all-rounder for all work at home and small property requirements.

It offers exceptional versatility, power and multipurpose capabilities. It has the advantage of a highly respected Kubota engine, combining highly efficient performance with the lowest possible fuel consumption.

The Kubota transmission system offers both efficiency and driving comfort, and the tractor cab is extremely comfortable and ergonomically adaptable.

All details regarding specifications, parts and implements are approximate and should be consulted with the manufacturer before making any purchase.

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Features Kubota L4701

  • Known for their reliability and power, Kubota L4701 diesel engines generate extraordinary power, but are more fuel efficient and cleaner thanks to the common rail system with electronically controlled direct fuel injection.
  • Large capacity 13.5 gallon fuel tank
  • This convenient holder allows a glass or mug to be attached to keep operators hydrated on the job.
  • A large tool box is located just behind the operator’s seat for easy access
  • For maximum protection, all models come with a folding ROP and retractable seat belt as standard equipment.
  • Optional Factory Installed Cab – Work in comfort from your heated cab and enjoy more space and panoramic views of your surroundings
  • Additional options available – see brochure for information
  • The L4701 offers 3 transmission options – (F) 2WD gear drive, (DT) 4WD gear drive, or (HST) 4WD hydrostatic drive
  • Bevel gear front axle offers extremely tight turning radius with full power transfer to wheels at any turning angle
  • The L4701 models have a convenient function that allows the independent hydraulic PTO to be operated without using the clutch.
  • The PTO switch makes PTO operation easier than ever – the switch is conveniently located on the right side of the operator’s seat – a push and turn starts the PTO, and with a single push stops
  • Agricultural, Industrial and Turf Tires Available
  • The upgraded instrument panel features large gauges and a digital LCD panel that provides vital information, including engine error codes. Diesel particulate filter and parking brake gauges have been added to the instrument panel
  • The elegant sloping hood as standard on the L-series provides a large field of vision – the one-piece hood can be fully opened with the help of a gas strut for easy access to the engine and other maintenance items
  • Large capacity hydraulic pump and cylinder provide powerful lift capacity, allowing you to use a wider range of implements on the 3-point hitch – telescopic stabilizers come standard
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Reviews Kubota L4701

This is my third Kubota L4701, I upgraded from the 32hp L3000. I have not had any problems with the tractor, apart from some things that were not set correctly on delivery. The two clamps on the radiator hoses were barely finger tight, which I noticed on first use and lost some antifreeze on the floor of the shed. The hydraulic valve on the 3-point hitch was stuck, so I couldn’t use the hitch. A bundle of cables / wires was positioned such that I couldn’t open the oil fill plug until I rerouted the cables. It’s not about problems with the tractor itself, but sloppy assembly at the factory, I guess. But the engine starts well, even in cold temperatures, like 10 Fahrenheit, and the quality of the machine is top-notch.

I bought mine used with only 193 hours. I use it to maintain 17 acres of forest, 1,200 feet of gravel road, and 3/4 mile of trails. It has a lot of power and is much more comfortable than my 1985 L2550DT. It is an S size tractor that I was able to actually use with pallet forks. I also bought a claw. The loader has a fairly good lifting capacity with a ballast box. Regeneration is a minor inconvenience, at best.

I settled on a mid-range tractor, and I knew I wanted the Kubota for its reputation, reliability, and future value. So far it hasn’t disappointed me in the least (only 10 hours with it so far). I intend to do significant work on our five acres in eastern Washington with this, and also use it in my start-up business

I just bought an Kubota L4701 for my recreational property. I went with HST and am glad I did it is so easy to do a 3 point turn in a tight spot or the loader work roundtrip. It’s a good example of how the meter barely moved in 6 hours of operation. My first regeneration happened around 9 hours of use and lasted around 15-20 minutes. Note that I have very little mowing as my place is 99% wooded.

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