Kubota L4701 3PH adjustable lifting rod

Kubota L4701 3PH adjustable lifting rod Problems

Kubota L4701 3PH adjustable lifting rod

I am a rookie in having my first tractor. I’m trying to cut some ditches on the side of my entrance path with my case scraper and I’m getting an angle on it with my adjustable lifting rod and realized how hard it is to turn this thing. The small solid rod that passes through the medium to grasp and rotate is just not long enough to use. Is there a ratchet system that you can buy to help with this or I’m just doing something wrong when you adjust this? I have been putting the scraper of the box down to get some weight of the rod, but it still does not seem to help much.

The adjustment of the right lifting rod is mainly for leveling. Too much weight of the implement + Tilt can remove the threads from the right lifting rod.

To tilt an implement, move the pin secured with a clip through the lower link into the lower paired holes in the stirrup of the left or right lifting bar. You can see that this “bundle” adjusts the length of the 4 “lifting bar” through the stirrup without involving the threads of the lifting bar. You can tilt the implement on the left and right.

Sometimes you have to move the pins on both sides so that the barbs of the cultivator penetrate on the ground.

Kubota L4701 3PH adjustable lifting rod

Remember that the highest holes of the stirrup pin are the “normal” or default setting.

The male threads of the right lifting rod are progressively engaged less with the female threads as the rod lengthens, so that the possibility of detachment increases with the length. There is a tapered thread on the inside of the male end that warns that the adjustment is coming to an end. If it continues to lengthen with a trampose male thread, it will end up leaving, erasing internal female threads into the process.

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