Kubota L4701 4 Wheel Drive not engaging

Kubota L4701 Problems

Kubota L4701 4 Wheel Drive not engaging

I have a 2017 L4701 4×4 model that has 350 hours. It is now on 2 wheel drive. I push down to engage 4-wheel drive – lever goes down but I can’t detect 4-wheel drive engaging.

I noticed that the lever (at the point it enters the transmission) only turns about 1/8 ” <1/4 “when pushed down or up. I lift the front wheels off the ground with the FEL and shift and shift the 4WD lever. When shifting into gear I don’t detect the front wheels spinning. I am not an experienced person on tractors and I imagine the machine is too new to have a major problem with it, I hope it is something easy.

What position 4wd is for the L4701 can be a bit confusing, although I am sure you are familiar with your machine. For gear transmission, below is 4wd; for HST, above is 4wd. There must be a little drawing on a sticker next to the gear lever on the tractor, but while it’s probably clear to most people, I almost have to get off the tractor and study it to find out what the little cryptograms mean. The movement of the gear lever is quite light.

If you don’t shift in and out of 4wd often, I would check the gear lever position very carefully before ripping into anything.

A fairly common and simple cause of front-wheel drive failure is a splined coupling on the front driveshaft, also known as the propeller shaft. There is a tube on the shaft that covers the coupler, it is held in place by a coiled pin that has a way of failing and allowing the coupler to slide off and disconnect the coupler.

You have to remove the small screws, slide the tube back, slide the coupler back into place, and replace the coiled pin. Tried to figure out how to post the image, but it is available from Kubota Illustrated Parts Online. Just find your tractor and go to the front of the propeller shaft and you will see how simple it can be.

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