Kubota L4701 attachments

Kubota L4701 attachments Problems

Kubota L4701 attachments

I have recently purchased a second hand Kubota L4701 (awaiting delivery) and am trying to decide which attachments to buy. If you have any suggestions or ideas for accessories / brands, I’d love to hear them. I would also like to hear feedback on the addition of Pat’s Easy Change quick hitch system to this tractor for use with the attachments I have listed below.

Background: On 21 acres since 2015. I have been farming without a tractor (unless I have a BCS 853). Lately, I have come to realize that much of the work I do on the farm would be significantly easier and faster with a tractor. Almost all of our farm is grass-fed, as I have been raising grass-fed beef. We have a large garden, many lines of trees and rows of fences. There are always many trees to clear. I have to mow the grasses at least once a year to keep the trees under control. This year I will probably reap a lot more as I am taking a break from cattle. I would also like to smooth and replant much of the pasture.

The accessories I’m planning to get now

  • Root Grapple – EA 55 Inch Wicked
  • Lawn Mower – Woods 72 “BB72.3 or Titan Implements 72” 1406 or EA 72 “Xtreme Duty
  • Subsoiler – Everything Attachments

Accessories I’m considering getting one day

  • Box knife
  • Disc harrow
  • Wood chipper


If you are renovating your lawn, DO A SOIL TEST FIRST. Ask for soil test recommendations for any type of grass you intend to plant.

You can probably find a used 2 X 12 “or 2 X 14” moldboard plow for $ 400. Plowing once a decade improves soil fertility at low cost.

A disc harrow traditionally follows the plow. The disc harrow is the implement of choice for mixing soil and smoothing / leveling fields over five acres in size.

Monroe / Tufline produces Big Ag specification equipment for compact tractors.

When your L4701 arrives, please indicate the outside width of your tires so that we can recommend the optimum width attachments.

Consider if pallet forks will not work in place of a claw.

The SSQA equipped FEL allows you to switch between the SSQA bucket and SSQA pallet forks in just one minute.

If your FEL is not equipped with SSQA, there are a number of plier pallet forks out there.

Tine lengths 36 “to 38” are more manageable than 42 “to 48”.

It is desirable to easily change the fork extension. A narrow expanse for small brush piles. A wider extension to increase stability when moving tree trunks.

SSQA pallet forks come with an operator guard. Sooner or later, everyone with caliper forks has a log that rolls over the bucket and lands on the hood of the tractor, thankfully without injuring the operator. (Ask me how I know).

Also look into the 3-point hitch-mounted pallet forks. You can only lift 24 “loads but the load is secure in the rear of the tractor. Logs cannot hit you. Vines cannot go under tractor wheels. You do not need to drive in reverse to see, with loads of brush really big, as you occasionally have to do with FEL pallet forks.PHOTO

You will need to adjust the angle of attack of the TPH forks using the upper link.

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