Kubota L4701 E-84 sensor

Kubota L4701 E 84 sensor Problems

Kubota L4701 E-84 sensor

I have recently had acceleration issues and have not tested above 2000 rpm. I changed the fuel filters and used alternately Seafoam and MMO to clean the injectors. The problem persists. I was going to remove the injectors for better cleaning, but before I could get there I got the E-84 code and the tractor won’t rev above idle with the hand throttle or foot pedal.

When looking for TPS sensors for this tractor I found speed sensor # 1J985-65830. Is this the right sensor for repair? I found it for $ 24 and I’m willing to buy it but I want a second opinion. I’m still waiting for my Kubota dealer to call me to see if he’s covered under the powertrain warranty, but I can replace it myself faster than taking it to them.

If you take out the injectors to clean them be prepared to replace them. I don’t remember the actual cost, but I think they are around $ 1000 each.

and if you have to replace them you won’t be able to do it properly without registering the new injectors to the ecu

And if you have the old ones sent to test them, it is better that you know which ones came out of each hole, they are all 4 different from each other, although they all carry the same kubota part number. Oh it is so funny

a lot of guys have gotten away with it for a while and then the dpf clogs or wants to regenerate too often and they blame it on that dad burnt dpf when it was actually the injectors info not getting input at all or wrongly, it causes all kinds of potential problems.

I can remember at least one for sure, SVL90, the guy put 4 new injunktors on it and complained all day about how bad it was working, something was wrong with the injectors etc etc. So I mollified it and removed all 4 injectors (not a fun task on an SVL90), got the info from them, checked the info on the ecu and guess what? Is different.

I explained it to the guy, who then agreed to pay the labor costs to re-register them individually and after that it was a complete success. It only cost him a set of injectors (which he bought) and a lot of work for me to get them out, and then reinstall them. It would have been about 1/2 to let us install the first time, but the dealers are all out to get people, they call us thieves, but they have no idea what is really going on behind those doors.

Consider injector removal and / or replacement only at the dealer level.

You may have some emissions warranty left, let them take care of it. If you are unsure about the emissions warranty, call the dealer with your serial number and ask about it. Emissions only covers some items that deal directly with emissions things so it cannot be fully covered, but, if you have to take the dealership tell them to call you if it is an item that is not covered, do who put it on the repair order and then sign it.

$ 4,000 worth of injectors is going up fast. Then, if the supply pump is damaged, add another $ 2,500 or so. Fuel rail? $ 1500 more or less. It doesn’t take long to add a ton of money. Let Kubota buy the material if necessary, if they can. Small things I do myself, but if it is going to be a bigger thing, pay someone else or let the manufacturer eat if possible.

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