Kubota L4701 grapple

Kubota L4701 grapple Problems

My experience so far with the new Landpride SGC1072 grapple on my Kubota L4701.

It has taken me about 2 hours to clear two large piles of debris on my property, something that probably would have taken me a couple of days if I had done it by hand.

The bouncing motion of the front loader can cause the tractor to engage with the trailer fenders if you get too close and you’re not careful … something I found out the hard way. Otherwise, this is a great accessory that I will put a lot of use to.

Do you have a problem, difficulty picking up stones with yours or do you do it? Did you make the specific decision to acquire your “root” versus “claw” claw and, if so, why?

When I bought mine, having never had one, I went back and forth deciding between the type of “closed bottom” / cube and the one you have. I finished with the bucket type. It’s better for some things, but not that great for brush piles.

I’ve used both styles, and I like the L-bottom root claw style best for brush and rocks.

One of the many great things about a grapple is being able to pick up really big stuff. Like stumps. When we cut a large tree, instead of cutting the tree to length of firewood in the middle of the yard and making a mess, I cut the tree to 80 inches in length. Then I move those pieces to where I’m going to split the wood.

Larger chunks are cut there and then split, saving a ton of time when moving the wood. The grapple picks up large chunks with ease, as well as that last large chunk near the bottom of the tree that is useless.

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One tip – if you haven’t moved heavy things: If you go down a grade from the gravel, the tractor will “rock” a bit of the weight up front. The rocking motion can lift the rear tires for a second with each rocking motion, which means you lose traction, which means you slide downhill.

If you are going to buy a claw, they are not all the same! First you have to know what you are going to do with it, because the design of the claw will influence the way you use it. I bought my grapple based more on weight than shape or design, as I didn’t want to consume my lifting capacity with a heavy grapple.

My claw is shaped like two short crescents that meet. This shape allows you to open wide and grab a very large object, but the lower jaw is only slightly curved and when the cube is in the highest position, it is still curved down enough that nothing is resting on the shelf. without falling off unless the claw is closed.

Considering mine is small at only 60 “and my tractor is a bit small (Kubota L4701), it may not have been the best design choice as I am not going to pick up cars or rocks the size of a car.

In short, you have to know what else you are going to do. A large shelf like the lower jaw can affect the opening width quite a bit and may limit your ability to “dig in” from above, but if you go after stringers, flat objects that are difficult to get a hold of, you will need that large Lower “shelf” to get under what you are picking up and give you a bit of leverage to pick it up.

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