Kubota L4701 HST wheels locked

Kubota L4701 HST wheels locked Problems

Kubota L4701 HST wheels locked

The problem coming home today on snow-paved roads. The tractor was in mid gear and the front wheels were in gear. While driving at 1800 rpms, there was a loud screeching noise from the transmission / rear area under the seat and then the wheels locked up bringing me to a standstill.

After gathering my thoughts and thinking whatt, it happened, I tried to remove it from front wheel drive and the front wheels got stuck and locked. The rear wheels moved the tractor slightly forward. Tried engaging / disengaging the front wheel drive lever and eventually the front wheels were unlocked.

I had to drive it about 1.5 meters to get it off the road, but as it moved forward, a horrible screeching noise came from the transmission area. I turned it off and called the dealer to come pick it up, I’m under warranty but would appreciate any input from the experts here to help me understand what may have happened.

I’d think you didn’t do anything to cause the problem, especially the fact that you were driving on a snowy surface, so I don’t think having it on 4wd had any effect on the situation, I think this was just a coincidence.

So technically it sounds like some part in the transmission or rear differential broke, which part is hard to tell considering I wasn’t there when it happened or I can actually guess what part / parts broke.

This is why we have guarantees, things happen.

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