Kubota L4701 hydraulic steering line

Kubota L4701 hydraulic steering line Problems

Kubota L4701 hydraulic steering line

Replaced blown hydraulic steering line on my l4701, now everything chatters, is there air in the lines, and how to fix?

I would first try to deadhead the steering in one direction while trying to operate another function to hopefully try to force the air out of the system. If the noise still exists, it very well could be that the pump was run dry and damage was done when the system was low on oil with the hose failure unfortunately.

I would also check your filter and suction screen, as well as your oil, for any signs of metal or debris that would flag a potential internal mechanical failure or problem occurring that would require disassembly for further inspection for repair. See if the suction screen is plugged starving the pump for oil which would also cause similar symptoms.

If this is okay and the noise is still present, it’s an indication of a potential pump and other internal problems where you will want to have your pressures tested and confirmed whether or not they are still within factory specifications for your model.

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