Kubota L4701 pine straw rake

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Kubota L4701 pine straw rake

My property was once planted with red pines. My driveway is a couple hundred yards surrounded by red pine trees that constantly drop their needles and pinecones all over the driveway.

All that rubbish gets in the way when I try to do any kind of work on the entrance. Is a pine straw rake going to be the best option for that, or should I just up a landscape rake?

The driveway is currently just dirt (and 15 or 20 years of broken pine needles), but we are planning on gravel / crushed concrete in the not too distant future. When removing the pine needles I don’t want to remove the gravel as well. That is the main reason why I am thinking that the straw rake would be the best.

Not to mention that the price is much more attractive and you could use it as a grass trimmer.

We have about 600 ‘of gravel driveways and three patios to take care of. I took on a part of it a couple of years ago. The leaves, etc. had been left in some of them for so many years that some places had 4 “of slippery black mud on the gravel. After removing numerous yards of mud from the roads and reworking the gravel, I will NOT let the leaves and / or straw pine trees are left unturned on the road again, blowing it out with a blower is part of the process but not a practical total solution for us.

I have this pine straw rake. It’s cheap when it comes to implements and it’s not heavy at all, but that’s a good thing, as it will move the pine straw and dry leaves without rearranging the dirt or gravel. The best I remember is that it weighs around 150 pounds. If it were heavier it could stick in more, which would not be good, so I’m glad it’s not heavy. I need it once, maybe twice, a year for a total of three hours max, so I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on it and I don’t need the quality of a commercial landscaper.

If you want it perfect, you will probably have to get the last 5% with a blower. The pine straw rake will get the other 95%. 72 “paired with an L4701 but I suspect almost anything with a Category 1 or larger hitch could pull it. It is literally a giant leaf rake and works much like the handle leaf rakes used with hands, just a lot bigger. If the piles are so big that it fills up all at once and doesn’t pick up any more, I pick up the pile with the forceps and throw it somewhere out of the way. It does a pretty quick job of our problems of leaves.

I use mine mostly with leaves, not pine straw. My brother has the exact same rake that he uses with a JD the same size as mine and he has nothing but pine straw to deal with. Based on my testing of yours before buying mine, I think it works a little better on pine straw than leaves, but it’s pretty good with leaves as well. For the test he was in his little JD 1025 and that shot well. Of course YMMV.

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