Kubota L4701 Rear Wheel Adjustment

Kubota L4701 Problems

Kubota L4701 Rear Wheel Adjustment

The rear wheels of my L4701 were left narrow due to a couple of clearance issues on our property. The dealer made it very clear (and the manual seems to agree) that they are adjustable on the 4701 even with the R4s. Those slack issues have been fixed so I’m thinking about adjusting them. Running the 17.5 -24 R4’s loaded. My brother has a 1500lb capacity dolly primarily to deal with large truck and tractor tires that I can use to drive them.

I am aware that they are probably around 700 to 800lb each loaded so I wouldn’t even think about doing this without the dolly. The tires are clipped in the center and the manual makes it look like you are simply propping up the rear of the tractor, remove the clamps, slide them out where you want them, and reinstall the clamps. You may be overthinking it but that seems too easy. There are only two pages in the manual that mention it should be bottom (or top). Am I missing something or is it really that simple?

Whatever you do, don’t allow the wheel and tire assembly to move out of the vertical (mounting position). If he starts to fall, get away from him quickly and let him fall. You don’t want your feet or body to be in the landing zone, it will crush you immediately. The least dangerous way, in my opinion, is to use a portable workshop crane with a nylon or chain around the wheel / tire on top.

A wheelbarrow works but with a wheelbarrow you have to constantly take into account the vertical position of the whole. The easiest thing is the workshop crane that maintains vertical alignment all the time.

Mine is much bigger than yours and even unloaded it weighs a ton (literally). With the mobile truck tire platform it is possible to ‘mount the whole around, but it is much easier with a portable workshop crane.

Whichever way you approach, just be very careful. Getting ‘pinched’ between the wheel / tire assembly and the ground or concrete will probably be quite painful and can cause death if pinched in the wrong place.

Depending on how your rim / center disc is set up now, and depending on what width you want to achieve, you may have to pull both wheels at the same time to keep your tire orientation correct.

There are no clamps.

The central disc is domed and reversible. The outer rim has offset disc attachment points as well, so it is also reversible. This is how the 5 different widths are obtained in the photo of the manual that you have published. If you take a good look at the photo, as well as your tractor, you will see what I mean. The 6th setting in the photo is for different rims that use grass tires.

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