Kubota L4701 Regeneration mode

Kubota L4701 Regeneration mode Problems

Kubota L4701 Regeneration mode

I have a 2017 Kubota L4701 HST tractor and whenever the regeneration indicator appears on the dash, I try to follow the instructions to get the tractor into regeneration mode. The manual gives 3 different sets of instructions for this operation, and they fail to get the tractor to perform this necessary procedure? There is a different set of instructions on the fender of the tractor itself, making a total of 4 different sets of instructions for this 1 procedure.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this frustrating situation? Kubota doesn’t even try to help me and refers me to a dealer. I am happy with the dealer who sold me the tractor, but it usually refers me to the aforementioned useless sets of instructions in the manual. In the past i push enough buttons and the tractor starts the regeneration process.

A simpler and more effective set of reliable instructions would be impressive and much appreciated.

It depends on the “stage” of regeneration (or regen for short).

Stage 1, you do nothing but rev the engine until the RPM light goes off. Then wait until the DPF regeneration light turns off and you’re done. This is typically done while you are using the tractor normally. In the first stage there is no acoustic signal.

Phases 2 and 3 (they usually get a beep) are basically the same, but the tractor may want you to stop, put all gears in neutral, disengage the PTO, set the parking brake and press the button on the side. right. It regenerates and the lights go out. With this, the regeneration parked, you sit and wait for it to complete, up to 40 minutes. Make sure you have enough fuel and make sure the radiator and screen are clean so the engine doesn’t destroy itself (overheating).

Stage 4, MUST become parked (aka parked regen). It does not regenerate while in use, and many times it cannot be done by the operator / owner and would have to be done with the use of a “forced regen” – by the dealer’s hardware and software suite.

Stage 5, remove the DPF and have it cleaned or replaced. There is no other way.

That is why there are different sets of instructions. For different stages.

Also keep in mind that a regenerative will not start unless the engine is up to operating temperature. So a cold tractor does NOT regenerate. The exhaust system has to be at or near a certain temperature, all monitored by the tractor’s ECU.

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